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    How to take NONE off a caption

    Brook Bisrat

      Hi Everyone!


      I have a couple of dynamic barcharts that are side by side, and I have the captions turned on. I have the caption set to a calucalted field that outputs a label depending on the company and which barchart it is. Lets call these barcharts: A, B, and C. So if its company 1 and barchart C then it shows a certain label in the caption, if its company 1 and barchart B it shows a different label in the caption, and if its company 1 and barchart A then it shows a different label as well in the caption.


      They are being filtered by different companies, and some have data for all there brcharts and some only have them for two. So when a company only has data for A and C, then the B barchart collapses and is hidden. HOWEVER when I have the captions on, if the company doesn't have data. The barchart will still show up as NONE, because the caption will display NONE.


      How do I get rid of this? So that it fully collapses?