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    Show count of internal levels.

    Samuel Bushi

      Hi everyone,


      I'm new to tableau and I'm stuck at this problem. I have several columns that contain Nulls, 1s and 2s. I want to see the count of each of such values in each of the columns(attributes). How can I do that? Right now for one column (mycolumn1) I managed to add:


           COUNT([Total Rows]) - COUNT([mycolumn1]) //For Nulls

           COUNT(IF [mycolumn1]== 1 THEN 1 END) // For  1s

           COUNT(IF [mycolumn1]== 2 THEN 1 END) // For 2s


      But this is just for a single column, how can I do this for all columns without tediously typing out these formulas for each of them?

      I'm attaching a sample data.


      Thanks in advance!