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    How to calculate

    casey lee

      I'm trying to calculate

      {(CoolingDegreeDays)+(HeatingDegreeDays)}/(Load Total)


      Since these field in the same column. I'm not sure how to calculate in above way.


      Could you please help.


      Thank you


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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Casey,


          Something like this should work:


          (SUM(IF [Pointname] = 'CoolingDegreeDays' THEN [Units] END) + SUM(IF [Pointname] = 'HeatingDegreeDays' THEN [Units] END))


          SUM(IF [Pointname] = 'Load Total' THEN [Units] END)

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            You could use LOD for this:


            ({ fixed [Segment], [Category] : sum(if [Ship Mode] = 'Same Day' then [Quantity] end )} + { fixed [Segment], [Category] : sum(if [Ship Mode] = 'First Class' then [Quantity] end )} ) / { fixed [Segment], [Category] : sum(if [Ship Mode] = 'Second Class' then [Quantity] end )}



            So here it is taking , 251+594 / 868.


            You can change the pills based on what you have!

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              casey lee




              I used your calculation and i believe it should work... but somehow # doesn't matched.

              I used below calculation but it resulting something else. Could you please help? could it be due my numeric value?


              if you look at my screenshot site =10  with calculation below. it should equal to 4 instead of 1824...


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                casey lee

                I found the problem

                the problem is its calculating through every days..

                Is there anyway I could calculate based on the filter selection as date or??


                As you can see on the below screenshot, after clear out the filter.


                HeatingDegreeDAys = 871

                which equals to 1824  and 1824 was the result after using calculation.