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    Controlling Dynamic Set with Parameter: "Can't compare Float and boolean values" Error

    Totti hyppolite Koudou

      Hi Everyone.

      I have this error message which I do not figure out.

      These are my steps:

      1- I have created a quadrant that meet the conditions:

      2015 revenue > 10 million

      2015 expense < 5 million


      2-  I then created a dynamic set right clicking on the ID dimension

      I used the condition tab as in picture


      3- I created a parameter.

      I set my values from 0 to 16 millions and explicitly set the type to be integer data type


      4- I then went back to my dynamic set to edit it and link the parameter by using the formula area

      my formula is:

      SUM([2015 Revenue])> [high revenue]


      That's where the error occurs.


      I have been on this for days for cannot really figure out how to go about it?


      Any help would be welcome.


      I use Tableau Desktop 9,3

      my file come from excel 2016


      Kindest regards







      quadrant.PNGparameters revenue cutoff.PNGcontrolling dynamic  set with parameters error.PNG