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    Date Hierarchy Used to Filter

    David Carr



      In the attached workbook, I have created two sheets.


      Sheet 1) Show sales rep performance Jan-Jun, with the ability to expand/collapse the date field into quarters.


      Sheet 2) Is a histogram representing the distribution of attainment % on how the sales reps performed.


      I am trying to do one of 2 things:


      One, have the histogram adjust when you expand/collapse the date range on Sheet 1. So that when it is collapsed to a quarterly view, there would only be 6 instances (3 reps x 2 quarters).


      Or alternatively, the histogram would just display the distribution on a quarterly basis, not monthly.


      Let me know if this would be possible!



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          Hey David,


          There is no stock way to have hierarchies act as filters on dashboards. However, a workaround is to create hierarchies using parameters, showing parameter controls, then using the sheet as a filter:





          1. Create a new parameter with the following settings:

                    -Data type: String

                    -List: (enter the three desired dimension names; i.e. Category, Sub-Category, Product Name)

          2. Create a new calculated field, Dimension with the following formula:

          CASE [Hierarchy Drilldown]

          WHEN "Category" THEN [Category]

          WHEN "Sub-Category" THEN [Sub-Category]

          WHEN "Product Name" THEN [Product Name]


          3. Drag Dimension to the Rows shelf.

          4. Right click on Hierarchy Drilldown > 'Show Parameter Control'



          Changing the Date Level Dynamically | Tableau Software could also be helpful.