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    Data Blending Dates

    Stephen Cavallaro

      I have two separate data sources. I data blended the dates of the two data sources. Now I want to show a single measure from each data scourse on a graph across the days of a month. How can I go about doing this? Thank you.

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          Nicholas Hara

          Hi Stephen,


          I'm not quite sure what you are looking to accomplish, do you happen to have a workbook that the community can look at?


          It's also super helpful for us if you can tell us what the desired result or value is for a few data points.

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            Stephen Cavallaro

            I have a data source called HLP and one called HD Tickets. I want to display the following measures on the same graph: REQUESTID (copy) (Count (Distinct)) and CASE_ID (count) (Count (Distinct)). Request ID is in HLP and Case ID is in HD Tickets

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              Mahfooj Khan



              I've attached a workbook where I've used data blending using two different sources.

              As per your requirement you want to show measures from both the data source sources.

              You first need to blend the data based on the common fields which should be present in data source.

              If your data has common fields in both the data source then in front of the dimensions/measures you will have a dry broken chain symbol. Once you click the broken chain it gets joined.

              else you to manually blend using edit relationship from menu select data and go to edit relationship option

              by default its blended with Order ID because Order ID is present in both the sources.

              Like here I've used "Order ID" as the blending key. then showing on label "Sales" from my primary source(SuperStore) and "Status" from secondary source(Returns).

              Go through the workbook where I'm showing two different information in the same graph from both the sources.



              I hope this is what you wanted.