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    Dan DiVito

      Hello Everyone!


      My name is Dan DiVito, and I'm the Tech Director for Shelton Public Schools. We use Tableau in conjunction with our student information system. Do you have regular meetings? I'd love for everyone to get together and talk shop.



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          Ryan Lally

          Hi Dan.  You might want to check out the Hartford TUG.  They recently met up north and were talking about doing a meeting closer to New Haven in the future.  Cheers!



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            Curtis Looney

            Dan Divito,


            Hey our next meeting for the Hartford Group is going to be in New Haven.  We are targeting end of April/ Early May.  Already have a location but just working on final details.  If you have any particular questions please reach out to me at curtisl@sraanalytics.com .  I am currently in Shelton 4 days a week and I am also working on dashboards for another public school.  Would love to hear about what you are doing. 

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              Dan DiVito

              Great thanks! It’s nice to see other people using Tableau in Education. It is an invaluable tool for driving instruction.


              Dan DiVito

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