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    Independent filters on duplicate dashboards?

    Talha Valam

      Hi everyone,


      I have a dashboard + filter question.


      I would like to have duplicate dashboards with the same filter working independently on each dashboard.


      For example, there are 15 branches in my organization. None of these branches have Tableau yet, but I'd like to provide them with a pdf export of the dashboard viz, filtered by their branch.


      I've created 3 worksheets that are contributing to a single dashboard. When I duplicate this dashboard and select a different branch from the drop-down filter, the first dashboard viz changes. Essentially, one filter affects all dashboards.


      Is there a way for me to duplicate the dashboard I've created using the same 3 worksheets and have the filter working independently in each dashboard?


      I imagine that if I duplicate the 3 sheets themselves and create a new dashboard from those duplicates, the problem would be solved. But with 15 branches and 3 sheets per dashboard, I'd be looking at 45 sheets in the workbook!


      I found some answers on the forums indicating that it's not possible to do what I'm asking, but those were old posts. I'm hoping that there is some new info that could help.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Mahfooj Khan



          Lets assume this is your dashboard where you have two sheets. Category and Subcategory sales.

          There is region filter in the dashboard.


          I think you're using "All Using This Data Source" option in your branch filter that's why your selected branch filter gets applied across the dashboards.

          You should use "Selected Worksheets" option where you can restrict the filter. It will only apply to selected sheets.


          If you select "Selected Worksheets" a window will open where you can select or deselect the worksheets for that filter.

          If you deselect the subcat sheet then region filter will only apply on Category sheet.




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            Talha Valam

            Hi Mahfooj,


            I actually do want my filter to be applied on all worksheets in the current dashboard. But I don't want that one filter to affect other dashboards


            Looking at your screenshot, if you created multiple dashboards using the same worksheets, would you be able to select the following filters?:
            Dashboard # 1 -  Central

            Dashboard # 2 - East

            Dashboard # 3 - South

            Dashboard # 4 - West


            When I tried, if I choose the West filter on Dashboard #4, Dashboards #1-3 would all switch to West as well. Essentially, the Region filter is impacting all dashboards at the same time. This is what I'm trying to avoid.


            I hope I'm making sense.

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              Mahfooj Khan



              Instead of using a global filter (which impacts all sheets including and beyond the current dashboard), You can create additional worksheets, but make them look like a quick filter.  Here’s an example.

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                Joe Oppelt

                You're designing yourself into a corner.  "Apply to worksheets" works by worksheet name.  So either have copies of the common fields, or have copies of the worksheets.  that will break the connection between the dashboards.

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                  Talha Valam

                  Hey Mahfooj,


                  I tried your method of using a worksheet as a filter, and I thought I had something, but it's the same result as using a regular filter when duplicating the dashboards. See below:

                  I clicked on "Central" in Dashboard 1 to give me the view point above.


                  Then I clicked on "West" in Dashboard 2 (a duplicate of Dashboard 1) to give me the above viewpoint.


                  When I went back to Dashboard 1, the view had changed to "West" even though "Central" is still selected in this Dashboard.


                  Any thoughts?

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                    Talha Valam

                    Hey Joe,


                    If I make copies of the worksheets (3 per branch), then I'll end up with 45 worksheets.


                    The viewpoint uses about 9 fields. Duplicating these per branch creates a whole lot of fields.


                    Having tried duplicating the worksheets, I encountered significant performance issues on Tableau Desktop.


                    Is there nothing else that can be done?

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      Can you have just one dashboard and let the user select the branch to view?

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                        Talha Valam

                        I wish I could. Believe me.


                        Unfortunately, we're not using Tableau Desktop across the organization yet, let alone Tableau Server.


                        Until we implement across the company, or at least to key individuals, the best way to get them to see a dashboard is by creating one and exporting via pdf.


                        Outside of Tableau Desktop/Reader/Server I'm open to other suggestions of distributing dashboards if you have any.


                        Thanks Joe!

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                          Joe Oppelt

                          You don't need 15 dashboards for that.

                          Whoever does the PDF can select the branch before creating the PDF.


                          Further, if you give the user a URL to the dashboard, your URL can specify a filter selection value so that each user can have his own URL to the same dashboard and still get tailored results.


                          Basically what I am seeing here is that you are creating a situation that results in the dilemma you are facing.  If you insist on making the conditions what you are saying, you have to design around it, and I've given ideas to do that.  If you don't like the solution, change the conditions.  One or the other.


                          As for what you tried using Mahfooj's suggestion, post your workbook here.  It's hard to diagnose stuff like this with PDFs.

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                            Talha Valam

                            Here's that workbook. I simply duplicated the dashboard to see if the "worksheet as filter" idea would apply. But it doesn't seem to do so.


                            For now, I'm the only one with my hands on Tableau software. Other key individuals don't even have access to Tableau Reader yet. This will be changing soon, not sure how soon though. For now, I will be the one distributing all reports, whether they're in PDF format (for now) or through Reader (a little later on).


                            The URL idea is very interesting and could definitely work. I'm imagining that the Branch Managers will need access to Tableau Reader (which I will get them). However, do I need to be on Tableau server for this?

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                              Joe Oppelt

                              Because you have the identical sheets on both Dashboard1 and Dashboard2, when you go from 1 to 2 you have the same data on each.  It's why I was saying you'll want separate sheets from dashboard to dashboard.


                              As for the URL idea, that requires the dashboard to be published on Server.


                              I have another idea, though.  You could place users into GROUPs  (something that gets set up on Server, but once it's set up it applies to Desktop too).  There is a function called ISMEMBEROF() that returns true/false if the member is in the specified group.  All the people who should see data for a particular branch would be placed in the appropriate group.  Make one group per branch.  Build a filter (apply to all sheets) that gets the appropriate branch data for the group.  You could even automate the whole thing with a simple excel list of branches and their corresponding group.  You could have a calc that does something like this:


                              IF ISMEMBEROF([branch group from excel table]) then [branch name from excel table] END


                              This will either set the field to the branch name, or set it to null.  Then you put that calc on the filter shelf and select for not-null.  You'll get only the valid branch info for that user.

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                                Manjul Pahuja

                                You can use stories instead... create different stories with these dashboards and apply different filters on each story for each branch.

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                                  muhammad muhib

                                  Create a story of that dashboard ,and click save  as new  after adjusting your filter in this way you dont need to create duplicate sheets for dashboards

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                                    Did you ever find a solution for this? I'm on the same boat.

                                    I would love a "Dashboard Local" filter feature.

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