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    Change a comparison bar in bar chart when hovering over scatter graph item

    James Allen



      To explain what I'm trying to do, please see the screenshot below.


      I have a dashboard of GP practices, and prescriptions dispensed (from an open publically available data set) with a scatter graph, map and a side-by-side bar chart. I currently have a highlighting dashbaord action, which means that when you hover over a value in the scatter graph (a GP practice), it highlights it's postion in the map. This is great. But what I also want to do is change the blue bar in the bar graph to show the prescriptions dispensed just for the item being hovered over in the scatter graph, with the other bar (the gray one) remaining fixed, to show all the practices. The idea is that I want to quickly compare a practice with the average of all by hovering over an item.


      I hope that makes sense. I'm new to Tableau so I'm looking for some general pointers here. I'm guessing I can't use a dashboard action to do this, as filter dashboard action would eliminate all records except the one hovered over. I've been playing around with sets - I currently have a static set including a number of practices, and I can add and remove practices by selecting them in the graph, going to 'add to set'. This works (and is how I get the screenshot below). But the key thing I want is this to work just by hovering.


      As I say I'm new to Tableau, so if I'm thinking about this all wrong, or there's a completely different approach, or if this is just a silly or impossible thing to pull off I'm open to all suggestions!


      Please see attached workbook with a sample of the data.