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    Publish Dasboard to Many People

    John Gould

      A quick question regarding Tableau. Our current MI team of three people would use Tableau to send out reports to up to 120 people. For these 120 people would we need to purchase a Tableau license or is there a way to just have these reports appear online for them to view, similar to a tableau support communities user group on your website? Ideally we wouldn’t want our reports to appear in PDF format.

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          Andrew Watson

          You could use Tableau Server - which means spending a fairly large sum on a Tableau Server :-) Alternatively your users can download and use Tableau Reader, which is free, and you send them the relevant twbx file.


          You could also try Tableau Online.

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            John Sobczak

            You would either need to purchase a Tableau Server Core solution (unlimited users) or another option would be put a Tableau Packaged Workbook in a shared location which can be opened with Tableau Reader (fully interactive and Tableau Reader is free).  One caveat to Tableau Reader though is all bets are off as far as security as all the data is packaged inside the workbook and could be hacked.