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    How to calculate Quarter to Go and Year to go

    Morgan DUARTE

      Hi there,


      I'm tring to build a dashboard to follow our actual revenue (Daily updated) with our monthly ambition, quarter to go and Year to go.


      No problem on the monthly ambition, but it is more troublesome for our quarter target and year target.

      Here is what I'm trying to calculate


      Today = 24th March (Actual Revenue for March is then updated)

      Jan Act = 100

      Feb Act = 50

      Mar Act = 70

      Total = 220


      Q1 Target = 300


      So to achieve Q1 Target, I need a March Target of (300 - 100 - 50) = 150

      But if I was in February, to achieve Q1 Target, I would have needed: (300 - 100)/2 (Remaining months) = 100


      Any idea how to do such calculation with Tableau?


      Attached an example of my data


      Thanks a lot !