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    YoY % Change Same Day of the Week

    Ashwin Chandak

      HI guys,


      Firstly, thanks for all the help. The Tableau community is amazing.


      I am wondering if you could help me out in this situation:


      I have data that dates back to over 2 year and I am trying to get a YoY (Year-over Year) % change for the same day of the week. That is Sunday in the week of '15 should match to the Sunday of the week in '16. The quick table calculation is great but not of much use here.


      I have been trying to do a difference in the value and the lookup of 364 days ago, but it renders null values.


      My goal is to compare the same weekday for the same week. For example, how did my sales do on the Sunday of this week for the Sunday of the same week last yr.


      Any ideas/workarounds will be much appreciated.