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    Conducting Experiment: How to Display Hours:Seconds elapsed from start?

    Johnson Chao



      I am conducting experiments and plotting sensor readings vs time using Tableau. I've done so, however I notice that the x-axis, time, is in a date format, while what I want is a format where I can track how much time has elapsed from the first reading (start on experiment).


      Please see the Tableau Public Visualization below for context to my question:



      As you can see a date format is displayed, however what I want is a hh:mm:ss that does not repeat/go back to zero after 24 hours as I have tried to do with that worksheet so far.


      With Excel this is really easy by simply doing a difference calculation along with formatting to custom [h]:mm:ss, however in Tableau I can't seem to do the same thing. This may just be due to my inexperience and could very well be an easily addressed question.


      Any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading.