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    Can we equally distribute vertical containers in a horizontal container? And why crazy resizing happens?

    James Keuning

      I am having a really hard time getting some vertical containers to work well inside a horizontal container. I have two questions. The worksheets in the top half of this dashboard are as expected; evenly spaced and remain that way if I adjust the width of the Userid filter. But the bottom worksheets won't behave; notice how the middle one is wider than the others - I cannot figure out why it is this way. This is my main question. When I drop worksheets in a horizontal container things work out fine, but as soon as I introduce vertical containers things are not so fine.


      The other problem is captured in this gif. Why does this movement make the whole think get wonked out? Is there a feature that I am not utilizing correctly? I assume that I either have a container or a worksheet fixed at some width which is causing the problem. But I cannot find it and this sort of thing happens to me a lot.


      wonky dash.gif