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    How to aggregate data into a number using calculated fields and date filtering to compare against another number (calculated similarly just in a different period)

    Aiden Luu



      Thanks in advance for taking the time to read/answer this post!


      Essentially I have 2 numbers, where both numbers are calculated using the same calculated field. The only extra step that changes these numbers would be a date filter to alters the period. The first number looks at the previous 12 months from today; whereas, the second number looks at the 12 months before that. (extra detail: the filter is a calculated field that will filter automatically based on the current day).


      Currently, I need to create two sheet in order to show these two numbers because the date filter needs to be pulled into the filter shelf to restrict the period of each sheet. I'd like to create another sheet to be able to get the % change and a sheet to get the difference between these two numbers but I'm not able to do anything that does this. Any thoughts?