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    Visualization help needed for progress to goal, dependent on previous month as well.

    Ben Young

      Hi Everyone,


      I am working on a visualization for a company objective and I would love some help on how to best display this data. We have a company metric that tracks progress towards a projection, with a bonus given at hitting 50% of the projection, and then a bonus at hitting 85% of the projection. (The projection comes from our BD team and sales process, so we scale it back to accurately reflect reality.) Normally, if progress towards the goal was the only thing being displayed, I always default to a bullet graph. However, the bonus structure has one more layer of complexity: it only is paid out when the 50% or 85% is hit two months in a row.


      Here is a table showing a few possible scenarios, given a projection of $100,000 per month (meaning a 50% bonus at $50,000 and an 85% bonus at $85,000) evaluated at the end of February:


      January SalesFebruary Sales
      50% Bonus Awarded
      85% Bonus Awarded
      $45 K $55 KNo


      $55 K$88 KYesNo
      $95 K$80 KYesNo
      $88 K$90 KYesYes
      $40 K$100 KNoNo


      Ideally, I would like to show this somehow using a bullet graph for the current month, with some indicator of how they did the previous month. However, that indicator is giving me trouble, so I thought I'd reach out for help.


      If you have any questions, or need any more detail, I'm happy to provide more. Thanks so much!