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    Filtering records based on a calculated date range

    Chad Pfaff

      Our sales cycle includes a go-live date for each customer followed by a 120 day ramp up period. Any sales that occur after the 120 day ramp up period are considered organic growth. I am trying to filter our sales records down to show only organic growth sales. So, our data looks like this:


      Go-Live Date
      Sale Date
      Acme Corp01/01/201501/20/2015$250.00
      Acme Corp01/01/201505/02/2015$325.00
      Cogswell Cogs02/01/201502/27/2015$180.00
      Cogswell Cogs02/01/201506/19/2015$100.00
      Spacely Sprockets03/01/201505/07/2015$200.00
      Spacely Sprockets03/01/201507/20/2015$300.00


      Filtered down to organic growth (defined as any sale with Sale Date > 120 days after Go-Live Date), we would show the following organic growth sales by month:

      May 2015: $325.00

      June 2015: $180.00

      July 2015: $300.00


      I assume that I would need to use a calculated field to make this work, but I'm unsure of how to accomplish this. Any help would be appreciated!