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    Extracting Custom Shapes....

    Shawn Wallwork

      I needed to extract some custom shapes from a workbook for reuse. You may have noticed that when you open a workbook that uses custom shapes, these shapes are NOT added to your Tableau Repository. So when you close it, the shapes are not available for reuse. Even when the workbook is open, you won't find any shape images in the temp directory Tableau creates, as you might logically expect. Robert Mundigl explains that the reason for this is that rather than including the shape image files in one of the subfolders (like other images are stored), Tableau encodes them using a Base64 encoding scheme (whatever that is), and inserts them into the twb XML. Here is his blog explaining all of this:


      Extract Custom Shapes from a Tableau Workbook - Clearly and Simply


      FYI: I tried the Nick solution he links to, but it wouldn't work for a Tableau Public viz I wanted shapes from. It's fairly old code and Public may have changed. You might have better luck. I ended up using Robert's Excel solution and it worked like a charm. It creates a folder with all the shapes. I just dragged this from the download folder to the My Repository\Shapes folder, and the next time I opened a workbook the shapes were there ready for use.


      Hope this helps someone else, it sure made my life easier today. Thanks Robert!