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    Embedding Tableau Public Story with Shadow Formatting

    Rebecca Kaye



      Does anybody know how you can create the following effect using tableau public i.e. embedding the story in the centre with the shading etc?




      I can't seem to find out how it works especially given the address points to tableau public (and not a separate website).


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated!



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          Rob Suddaby

          Hi Rebecca, the most likely answer is that the content was created in Word, PowerPoint or similar and then added to Tableau as an image in a dashboard! However, they may also have added a text box to Tableau and then using the format option in the text box drop down menu to change the shading of the text box, similar to the image I have attached below.


          This isn't really the best use case for Tableau as it is not a PowerPoint-style tool but it can be used as such for certain things and I am sure KPMG had a reason for doing so! Hope that helps.