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    Calculate Single-Device Users VS Multi-Device users


      Need some help to get the values at an accurate level.

      I need to know the unique number of users that have used one or multiple devices


      This is the baseline per month. Accurate values which I calculated using Excel with the same data.


      This is my calculated field in Tableau:


      [Users with Multi-Devices - No Date]


      {FIXED [Userid2]:[Count Unique Devices]=1} THEN "S"


      { FIXED [Userid2]:[Count Unique Devices]>1} THEN "M" 



      The results are close, however not accurate. As you can see in Sheet 7, some of the users are wrongly counted in the month level.

      e.g. user1662 had only 1 device in January, and multiple devices in February.

      User1662 should be counted as

      : Single-Device user in January (this is incorrect in sheet 7)

      : multi-Device user in February (this is correct in the sheet 7)


      Screenshot below:


      Workbook attached.