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    How to use a quick-filter on sub-category to show details of the category?

    Poorab Pattnaik

      I have need to use a sub-category quick filter (multi-select) but display the details of categories containing the selected sub-categories as well as the other sub-categories under the category. I have tried to achieve that using a dummy sheet "Apply" to pass on the related categories once the sub-categories are selected and then use action filter to drive the bar-chart and it is working. Here are the problems though:


      1. Whenever I change my selection, I have to double-click on "Apply" to drive the bar-chart. Is there a better way?

      2. Further, is there a way the functionality can be achieved in a single sheet?  <-- This is my primary aim


      Please find the dashboard below.

      Here I have selected sub-category "Sub-4" and displaying all the categories containing "Sub-4" i.e. "Cat-3" & "Cat-5" as well as all the other sub-categories under "Cat-3" & "Cat-5".

      Attached the workbook for reference.

      Appreciate any quick solutions.. Thanks