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    Calculate difference between oldest and newest date values in workbook

    Tony Ball

      Hi All,


      I'm hoping you can help with this one and that it is relatively easy.


      I am trying to build a calculation where I can show the difference in value between the oldest date and newest date on a workbook I have.


      The calculation is to show the difference in Amps being used by a component.


      So the oldest date on my board is 08/01/2016 and the reading value [Amps] is 1122

      the newest date is 18/03/2016 and the reading value [Amps] is 1158

      So the value I would expect to see is -36


      Please be aware that the date and value will change on a weekly basis so next date will be 25/03/2016 and a new value. Ideally I need the calculation to be able to cope with the newest date and value changing every week. The oldest value will always remain as 08/01/2016 and reading of 1122.


      Also if possible it would be great to get an exact % difference returned too - so for the example above it would be a minus % difference.


      Is there an easy way to do this via a calculated field?

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