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    Shifting a graph value one week back to last year

    Shivang Desai

      Hi All,


      My current work involves shifting a graph value to 1 week back. I have successfully done 90% of it.


      Now only a small issue is shifting the graph value on week 01 2015/16 year to week 53 2014/15.


      As you can see below in Screenshot 1, starting value of 2016/17 is on week 02. But in Screenshot 2 I shifted that value to week 01 using a calculated field "Shifted Date"


      Shifted Date logic:

      IF [Date_Financial Year] = "2016/17" THEN [Date_Financial Week]

      ELSE "Week " + RIGHT("00" + str(int(RIGHT([Date_Financial Week],2)) - 1),2) END


      This shifts the graph value to one week back.


      But now just one issue is there, as you can see in screenshot 2 there is "Week 00" value of 2015/16 (purple line)  which I want to convert to "Week 53" of 2015 (Blue line).


      How can I implement using above calculation or any other logic?



      Screenshot (64).png


      Screenshot 1


      Screenshot (63).png                     


      Screenshot 2

      Screenshot (62).png



      Kind Regards,

      Shivang Desai