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    Multiple-Response Survey Data - Visualising The Association/Relationship Between Selected Categories

    Julian Sheriff

      Hi all,


      I have a particular need to demonstrate the interaction/association/relationship between the multiple selections that respondents make.


      The question asked in the survey was "What was your reason for not making a purchase?"; respondents could select as many that applied, from a pick list of 10 categories. There was also an "other (please specify)" field, where they could elaborate their reason with free text; I've since categorised the free text responses using Tableau grouping functionality resulting in around 16 groups with unique themes.


      As you'll understand, the potential unique permutations of 26 unique categories whereby respondents can select one/some/all combinations is vast. Thankfully, when I summarised the data, there were "only" 108 unique combinations that resulted from the response data.


      My challenge now is, I want to not only visualise how frequently the categories were selected, but how they are associated with each other i.e. which categories were selected in combination with others?


      A network diagram comes to mind, combined with differing sized nodes to indicate count/frequency and differently coloured wedges to indicate the composition of categories.


      Could someone please indicate if you've done something like this before, and if so how would I go about replicating this with my data?





      Please let me know if you require any further information or screen grabs.