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    Using Logical Functions Between Two Data Sources

    Matthew Boyd

      Scenario: 2 Excel files

      File 1 "Customer Sales 12 Months") List all new customers acquired within 12 months by customer number, date acquired, and sales rep

      File 2 "New Cust Acct by SR") List all customers who have done business within 12 months by customer number and sales rep


      Goal: I want to create a stacked bar chart that shows total new and existing customers under each rep. The idea is to show a monthly view of each reps total existing and new customer base (see example below).


      My thought is that the formula would look something like this: if [customer #] = ATTR([New Cust Acct by SR  (Customer Sales 12 months)].[customer #])THEN "New" ELSE "Existing" END


      Thanks in advance all!!!



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