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    [Urgent Help] How to create a rolling countif in Tableau


      Hello All!


      I need help to sum up the last three months based on my selected month, across all years.

      Now the challenge is that if I select either January/February, then it should sum up November last yr + Dec last year + January if the selected option is January and if February then Dec last yr + January + February.

      I was able to create a fixed LOD calculated field based on my category and the date wherein we are going to sum the total across months if the Final Difference is between 0-2.

      The problem is it's not summing up correctly, which I believe is because I fixed it on the Month and Year.



      What I'm thinking is to create a group for each 0,1,2 occurrences, somewhat like a rolling countif in Excel.

      Is it possible to do in Tableau?