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    Able to hide row subtotals for a specific value of a Category dimension after filtering?  (Desktop 9.2.6)

    Jen Shepherd



      First, apologies if this is answered elsewhere or forehead-slappingly simple.  I did look extensively for a solution I could understand, and I'm inexperienced with Tableau.


      I am working on a dashboard that includes a data table of crime arrest counts that is filtered by a Category dimension.  I easily added row totals to the table using the built in option (Analysis < Totals < Show Row Grand Totals), and I labeled that column "Subtotal", since that is what it is within each Category.  This works great for the most part, but one of the category options is the Total (across all other categories).  So when that Total option is chosen using the filter, the Row Grand Total from Tableau (which I'm calling subtotal) and the crime arrest values returned in the data table are exactly the same -  it looks weird to have two identical columns in the table.


      I know that enabling All in a filter is an option, which would eliminate the need for having the Total in the data file; I could just use the Row Grand Totals in Tableau.  But the problem with that approach is that there are more than 20 Categories, so the table would be really wide and require scrolling if the user were to select the All option from the Category filter.  Plus, our data make more sense and are more easily digested when grouped by Category.


      I'm not sure if the solution is to create my own subtotals instead of using the Row Grand Totals and/or creating a grand total in Tableau instead of including it in my data file.  And I don't know how to create my own totals in Tableau if that is the answer.  Or, is there is a clever way involving parameters or calculated fields or the like (see how new I am?) to keep the Row Grand Total column from showing in the data table if and only if Category = "grandtotal" (its name in my dataset)?


      I attached a simplified packaged workbook with a version of this data table.  Any guidance would be appreciated!