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    Using Hierarchy to Create Drill Expansions on Multiple Views at Once

    B W

      I have created a dummied-up data set (attached along with workbook). The data elements are hierarchically structured in the workbook and there is a metric for the most granular level of the hierarchy.


      I can drill up/down in the hierarchy but I am having two problems 1) How do I get the crosstab on the bottom to expand into the hierarchy at the same level of as the bar chart? My users are complaining that it's confusing to have to drill down into two charts at once for expansion.


      Is there a way to have a dynamic drill down? If you select a parent element on the bar chart can the children of that item now become parents? And you can drill down on those children, thus making them parents?


      Instead of this:


      I'd like to start at the top of the hierarchy and select an item and have the view change to reflect that metric for ONLY the children of the parent I just selected...

      If I selected a Country bar (use as filter, perhaps), I'd get this:

      If I selected "Eastern Team, the view would now look like this:


      Instead of this:



      I can click "Keep Only", but it still shows the parent fields that are higher in the hierarchy to the left of the current level.


      Is there any way to resolve this?