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    Parameter Maximum date from field on server source

    Hope Stiles

      I have several calculated fields that I am using to determine if data fits into a rolling period

      i.e. Rolling 2 months  is

      DATEADD('month',-2,[Max date in Discharge Date FY]) <=DATETRUNC('month',([Discharge Date FY]))

      AND [Discharge Date FY] <=[Max date in Discharge Date FY]


      The calculation is currently referencing a parameter set up like this:

      temp current parameter.PNG

      The downside is that each month when the data source (on a tableau  Server) is updated, I have to come in and manually change this value.


      I was looking for a way to get it to do that automatically and have an idea but wondered if anyone thinks it will work.


      If I change that parameter to be set to:

      temp new parameter.PNG

      Where I chose "Set from Field" and selected a date field in my source.


      Would it always register as the current max date or when the data source is updated will the parameter know to read the maximum date from the field and thus pass through the right date to my calculated fields?


      I hope I explained that clearly.  Any thoughts or guidance is greatly appreciated.