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    Stop custom sql datasource from updating

    Randy Kirschner

      I'm using custom sql for my data source which takes about 30 minutes to run. To save time I created an extract but I'm noticing that whenever I click on the Data Source tab the query gets executed again. Then when I modify the sql and click Ok the query gets executed once more.


      Is there any way to turn off the constant running of the sql so that I can make changes to the datasource without having to wait for the query to finish each time?

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          Takaaki Koseki



          If you just want to use data in worksheets without re-execution,

          add new data source using the extracted tde file and replace data source,

          then the query will never execute, or rather the query will be gone away.


          If you want to edit the query without re-execution,

          as far as I know, it's impossible.

          So would you try to limit the query result temporarily?

          e.g. ROWNUM = 1 or LIMIT 1 or ... it depends on your database.

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            Dan Cory

            Your custom SQL should only be run enough to get its metadata (column names and types). This is needed when the data source is loaded and again when you save the changes. It shouldn't take very long though. I recommend you contact support and send them your logs. If you want help here, please tell us what database you are using and post your custom SQL as well (you can remove table names if you need to).