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    Using same value in calculated field more than once




      I am trying to create calculated filter but have some issue in it.

      For Example:- I have a field named as payment status. The field contains (Processed,Pending,Canceled,Failed). I am trying to create a filter using calculated field. The question is how do i use the same payment status again.

      I am able to create the calculation till below


      Please take a look at the Bold Conditions


      IF Payment_Status = 'Completed' THEN 'Closed'

      ELSEIF Payment_Status= 'Processing' THEN 'In Transit'

      ELSEIF Payment_Status= 'Canceled' THEN 'Cancel'

      ELSEIF Payment_Status= 'Failed' THEN 'Rejected'


      ELSEIF Payment_Status= 'Completed' OR Payment_Status= 'Processing' THEN 'Successful'

      ELSEIF Payment_Status='Canceled' OR Payment_Status='Failed' THEN 'Not Successful'



      the calculation shows valid but when i add it to filter and show filter i am able to only see

      Closed, In Transit, Cancel, Rejected and the rest two as null.

      How do i fix this issue. Have tried using Paramenter and the same in case statement but get error Boolean is compared with String. Please help



      Thanks in advance.