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    Attaching annotations to a column - row (dimension - measure) pair

    Sertac Oruc

      I have a calculated field (i.e., number of installs of my app by date) that I always use with a dimension (i.e., date).


      Now I would like to fix an annotation set (point annotations) (i.e., updates to the app) attached to this pair such that I can add new rows on top of it and annotation does not disappear.


      As far as I understand, the way annotations work by default is that they are associated one to one to the dimensions when one annotates the viz. When a new dimension is added to the viz, the dimension set changes, therefore annotation becomes not valid for the new dimension set.


      I have been looking for a solution to this problem and walked through all the dynamic annotations discussions around the forum but couldn't find a viable solution.


      Any hint would be much appreciated.