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    Filter region by selecting a state

    Henry Clapp

      I'm trying to figure out how to filter by region based on selecting a state within that region. In the example workbook I've attached, there is a parameter to select a state and the color changes for that state in the viz. What I would like to add is that when you select a state, you only see the other states in the region. The datasource (the Regional example dataset) has region as a dimension of grouped states.


      Sorry if this has been asked before - I've done some searching but maybe wasn't using the correct vocabulary. Thanks!

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          This may be too round-about of a way to get there, but maybe it can give some ideas.


          I was having a hard time working with Groups, so I switched them to Sets.


          Then I made a RegionCalc to get the Region for each state:

          IF [Midwest] THEN "Midwest"

          ELSEIF [Northeast] THEN "Northeast"

          ELSEIF [South] THEN "South"

          ELSEIF [West] THEN "West"



          Then found the RegionCalc for the selected state:

          IF [State]=[State Select]

          THEN [RegionCalc]



          Finally, made a conditional for each state if their Region matches the SelectedRegion:

          [RegionCalc]={FIXED :MIN([SelectedRegion])}