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    Excel_mySQL DB_Calc Error

    Ajeet ...

      Hi Guys,



      I am connecting an Excel Sheet with mySQL db, which is the primary data-source. WHile creating calculated fields, I am getting error. I have attached the files in which I have  explained the motive in excel file.


      Any help would be much appreciated.




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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Ajeet,


          The issue is that anything from a secondary datasource must be aggregated. Every time you reference a field from a secondary datasource you will have to aggregate it. This is with a min, max, sum, avg, etc. 

          The reason for this is that blends are not joins (which are row to row) Blends are done at the aggregated level. So we blend on a dimension we sum up everything in both data sources first and then compare it in the blend.



          Carl Slifer


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            Ajeet ...

            Carl Slifer


            Hi Carl,


            In that case, how do I compare day difference for every Shipment ID and compare with TAT. When I try to perform the same calc, I get ATTR which is due to aggregation:


            IF ATTR(day([Out day/time])) > 0 then ( IF ATTR([TAT].[TAT]) >= ATTR([In Out Diff]) then 1 else 0  end ) else 0 END



            Is there any other way out for my case here?