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    Sentiment analysis in Tableau with R : Error in tableau whereas the function works well in R.

    Erwan LE BRUN

      Dear Experts,


      I'm trying to perform a sentiment analysis using R.

      I installed the needed packages ( TM, RSTEM, RSERVE, sentiment, ..)

      In the R script editor I can execute the following line and get the correct result :

      classify_polarity('I love cupcakes', algorithm=”bayes”,verbose=TRUE)


      In tableau, I'm using the following new calculated field with :



      where "Text" is the column I need to analyze.


      When testing the R connection from tableau, it's always successful, nevertheless I encounter the following error :

      Error in eval(expr,envir, enclos): could not find function “classify_polarity”


      Anyone has a clue ? Don't understand what could be wrong.


      Thx a lot,