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    Need help on Filters for comparative analysis

    Sriram Anantha Padmanaban

      Dear All:


      I am quite new to Tableau and I would like to implement the following feature in my new dashboard for matter management.



      Multiple Vendors (Dimensions) are associated with many clients and we want to do a comparative analysis between these vendors on some of the measures

      Eg Measures are

      1. Sum (Invoice Total)

      2. Sum (Matter count)

      3. YTD (Invoice Total) etc


      Expected Output:

      In the same dashboard have data for selected vendor V1 and Vendor V2 and show the

      1. Sum (Invoice Total) for the selected Vendor V1 & V2 in the filter

      2. Sum (Matter Count) for the selected Vendor V1 & V2 in the filter

      3. YTD (Invoice Total) for the selected Vendor V1 & V2 in the filter

      4. Show the differences for all the 3 measures between V1 & V2


      Current Method I have used:

      Created Two Parameters for selecting the vendor as filter and applied 2 filter variables for passing these vendors in the condition

      Created Two Sheets and displayed in the Dashboard next to each other



      Unable to interact with both the sheets and unable to show the difference


      Can someone advise me the better approach to this problem like using one sheet for both the vendors (Currently applying two different vendor filters is making it blank) and possible options to be considered for the comparative analysis?

      Appreciate your help in advance