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    Tool tip not being displayed for a graph

    Shivang Desai

      Hi All,


      This is a tooltip thing which I am trying to sort out. I have 3 worksheets:


      1) Sales trend

      2) Trend

      3) Frequency


      I have a parameter "Metric to view" that displays each of these 3 graphs on a particular parameter value selection.


      Example: My "metric to view" parameter has values such as Member Acquired, Ticket Average,Loyalty Sales, Member Points, Acquisiton Rate, Live Member Group, Frequency, ...


      The Sales trend worksheet displays graph (values) for just "Loyalty Sales, Ticket Average and Member Points" (screenshot 1). For others, it doesn't display (screenshot 2)


      Now in the dashboard on selection of a particular parameter value, all graphs are displayed but I can only see the tool tip and marks of the worksheet which is on the top of the dashboard. Rest worksheet graphs don't display tooltips and marks.


      Screenshot attached:


      screenshot 1

      Screenshot (53).png


      screenshot 2

      Screenshot (54).png


      What I noticed is if there are 3 worksheets, then only the worksheet which is on the topmost of the dashboard layout has only tool tip available. How can I solve this?