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    Displaying the text of a selected action


      Hi all,


      Is there a way that I can display the text of a selected action?  I have a requirement where if someone selects an item, the selected item would appear as text in another location (as well as filter the rest of the viz by the selection).  The text thing is what I'm asking about at the moment.


      I've been playing around with a formula that would show the selected action, but I'm getting a really odd result.   Here's the formula that I have so far:


      IF CONTAINS(str([Action (Department)]),"(All)")

      THEN ""

      ELSE str([Action (Department)])



      No matter what I select, I get the letter t, and nothing else.  I originally had another formula that would populate the field with everything from the list when the action was fully populated, and then the letter t when I had only one item selected (unfortunately, I don't have that handy at the moment). 


      Does anyone have any ideas how to get this? 


      Thanks in advance!