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    Help with graph formatting please?

    Theresa McInally

      I have a chart which I am displaying date values on. The values are date only (time is set to 00:00 for all), but it will not change to just date. My axis show large gaps between he columns, and I can only think it is trying to display the time. Capture.PNG

      When I try and untick the "show time" option, it does not work. The size of the columns is set to maximum, but the display is still too small. Help please!

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          Carl Slifer

          Hi Theresa,


          There's a few things we can do here.


          You can change the data type of the field 'Time Display' to Date instead of Date & Time

          1) You do this by right the field Time Display inside the dimensions pane (On the left hand side of the screen) , go down to '

          2) Go down to 'Change Data Type'

          3) Choose Date


          Another issue is that we are currently using a green version of Time Display this means that we are using the date value and that it would be continuous and create a proper axis. It looks like in your case we can actually make this discrete. By making this discrete instead of continuous we will get proper headers and the marks (bars) will take up more space.

          1) Do this by right-clicking the Day(Time Display) field that's currently on your columns shelf

          2) Go down to the 'discrete' option.



          Carl Slifer


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            Theresa McInally

            Hi Carl


            I had tried to changing the data type, but to no avail (it wouldn't change).


            I had messed around with continuous/discrete, but realise I didn't need it here after all - that change seems to do it.


            Thank you!