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    How to make calc field for parameters as a filter? How to make URL display on dash?

    Joshua Preston

      #1 This simple vis allows me to take a crack at using parameters and calc fields to filter them. I have the parameter, but I need some hand holding to create the calculated field.


      Primer: This event has topics I want to filter by (i.e. health, science, math). You can see the "Topics" parameter in the vis. How do I make an IF-THEN calc field with all 12 topics so that viewer can pick a single topic? Is there a way to make it display "All" by default?


      #2 The URL action doesn't display the image links. Images display in tableau, but not the web browser (chrome or firefox). Any ideas why? Sample photo url: http://atlantasciencefestival.org/sites/default/files/styles/ar-medium/public/front/events/SMAP%20Soil%20Samples_215X215…


      thanks in advance.


      TBX and excel file attached.