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    How do you save folder and data source filter metadata when updating a TDE via a script?

    Michael Mixon



      We're running into a considerable disconnect between how Tableau Desktop publishes a data source to Tableau Server and how that same data source is published via a scripting method like tabcmd.  In particular, the folder structure and data source filters that are added in Desktop are eliminated when that same TDE is updated via tabcmd. 


      Here's what the TDE looks like when it is published to Server via Desktop.  As you can see, the fields are organized into folders and three data source filters exist, all of which is persisted when that TDE is accessed via Server.

      tde via desktop.png

      But when we publish or update a TDE via tabcmb, this is what we get: no folders and no data source filters.

      tde via script.png


      We reached out to Tableau Support on this and they essentially acknowledged that this is a gap in functionality:


      "After some discussion with our engineers, we believe this may be best approached as an Enhancement Request. The ability to implement data source filters and folder structure in an extract are not currently built into our product. It seems the best method wold be to continue refreshing the extract from Tableau Desktop and then publishing manually."


      So my question to the community hive mind is anyone has come up with a way around this apparent product limitation?  If we only needed to update the TDE intermittently (e.g. weekly), the manual method via Desktop would be fine.  But we see ourselves updating the TDE data about 3x a day and so we absolutely need to be able to accomplish that via an automated method.


      I hope someone out there has a workable solution. :-)