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    Need help with How to analyize this

    Stephen Crocker

      I have a need to find out the number of people that have been new players in a golf tournament  for each year from 2013 forward to current.  I have the new players for 2016 figured out which was pretty easy with a simple calculation but the others I'm not sure.


      I have included a book if someone would like to help out with this.  I need it pretty quickly and am frustrated with how to get the information.


      Here is what I need

      I need to know the players in 2013 that were new.  This would be looking across the data and finding where the first 1 is in 2013.  Then I need to know if those that were in 2013 and were new players if they played in 2014, then the same thing for 14, 15 and 16.


      I used the following calculated field to see 2016 and it worked.


      If [TotalyrsGolfReg] = 1 and [GOLF2016]=1 then 1 else 0 end   then just filtered it out.


      So I think I need to do calculated fields but unsure what to do.