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    ChandraSheker A

      Hi everyone,

      I have to filter the report based on a field which include multiple string values.

      like, wanted to see total sales.

      i want to create Filter on this City, Just by 2 Names, Like,


      XXX-------- Includes all the cities except Atlanta, Austin.

      YYY-------- Only Athens


      i wanted to see a filter either by Dropdown.

      Filter:----- XXX

               ----- YYY

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          Justus Niemzok

          Hi Chandra,


          I recommend creating a parameter with two values ---- XXX and ----YYY.


          Then create a calculated field for filtering:

          CASE [Parameter Name]

               WHEN ----XXX THEN IIF([City]='Atlanta' OR [City]='Austin', 0, 1)

               WHEN ----YYY THEN IIF([City]='Athens', 1, 0)



          Then put this calculated field on your filters shelf and set the filter value on 1.


          Let me know if this helps you or answers your question.


          Kind regards,



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            Rajeev Pandey

            Dear Chandra ,

            Please follow the below steps and let me know if you face any issue .

            1) Create two sets as per your requirement.

            2) Then Create a String Parameter as below.

            3) Now use this Parameter in calculated field that will validate the Scenario and put this into the filter and select TRUE.

            Look when I selected First values in the Parameter

            When I selected the Second value in the Parameter

            Please mark the response correct if it solves the issue and close the thread .Your response will help others if some search similar type of issue

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              Mahfooj Khan



              You can do something like this


              Create a set for your XXX excluding cities 'Atlanta' and 'Austin'.


              Create another set YYY for only 'Athens'.

              Create a string parameter as per below screen shot.

              Create a calculated field


              Drag this calculated field into filter shelf and select only 'True'.

              City Param ---> show parameter control

              If you select 'xxx' then only those cities will be list down except two.

              If you select 'yyy' then only Athens will be shown.


              I hope this is what you wanted.




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