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    Retention Rate with missing values

    Gernot Reiber



      I'm new to Tableau and I'm sorry if this is a pretty trivial question for you.

      I created a chart with the rentention rate of users. In the following picture you can see, that we have a 100% retention rate in the first period, a 75% retention in the 2nd period. The last value is the retention in period 5 with 25%.


      What I would like to do is, to stay at 75% for 3rd and 4th period as well. As you can see the chart is empty at those parts, because there is no data cell data in our DB.

      The cell data (just simplified) in our DB looks like this:


      Userid: 1   |   2    |   3   |   4

      Period: 1   |   2    |   2   |   5


      So in period 3 and 4 the retention rate should stay the same as in period 2. How can I tranform my formula?


      WINDOW_SUM(COUNT([subscription_period]), 0, 150) / TOTAL(COUNT([subscription_period]))



      best regards