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    Using a Dimension on Color Marks to categorize a fixed aggregate Measure.

    Christopher Neely

      Good Morning!


      I'm using a Calculated field to fix a measure of output ({FIXED[company]: SUM([output])}) So that when I use a Dimension Filter for State, i still get National Output for the companies operating in that state. This is working perfectly.


      However, a problem arises when I try to use a Dimension to color the total output bar by the proportion that each category contributes to total output (ie how much each department contributes to sales).  Tableau overstates total output because it is still fixed at the company level and attributes ALL output to each department within the company. So, if total output is X, and a company has 3 departments, then their output becomes 3X.


      Any ideas on how I can make this work would be appreciated. I can't post the workbook I am working on, but if need be, I can recreate the 'problem' in the superstore dataset and post it.