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    How would you best visualize data that fits into many categories?

    Eric Liong

      https://public.tableau.com/shared/T22HDMQ44?:display_count=yesScreenshot 2016-03-21 05.59.52.png

      So I'm visualizing my Steam game play information and I have access to the tags and features of games along with prices and hours spent playing each game.

      I originally wanted to easily see in a scatter plot the price x hours x genre(through tags)

      My trouble is that each game has numerous tags for example Pay Day 2 has tags FPS, Co-op, Stealth and Team-Based just to name a few. Now when I look at this chart instead of easily making conclusions on what types of games I play more, a rainbow barfed on my page.

      Are there any better ways to clearly display the Tags/Categories? I've thought about grouping the tags into smaller categories but even if I minimized them into 7 groups many games would still fit into many groups. I also realize steam tags are not the cleanest or best ways to categorize games but that's what I've got to work with unless I learn how to use Steam API. I've tried to look at one tag at a time by clicking on them, however you can only compare it to the grey mass behind it.

      Thanks for your help!