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    Software engineer intern at Tableau - Academic background

    S Johnson



      I was interested to apply to software engineer intern at Tableau (I see they are currently seeking applications). My question is related to types of majors they will look for this position. I notice in the intern description (https://tableau.rolepoint.com/?job=ahBzfnJvbGVwb2ludC1wcm9kchALEgNKb2IYgICg_K3PhQkM#job/), it states "Undergrad, Masters and PhD all welcome."


      I am working toward Masters in Systems and Information Science, and have taken courses in object-oriented programming, data structures, databases, applying software engineering process (unit testing, documentation, etc). I believe I have appropriate skills as per job description.


      However, I read in previous post from Tableau employer Austin that mostly computer science majors only considered (https://community.tableau.com/thread/151715). When I then looked on LinkedIn for software engineers at Tableau, I do see almost all are "computer science" or "computer engineering" majors.


      My question is just asking if applicant with my major (not exactly CS, but similar) is eligible? If I am not eligible, I would not apply (and save committee time and my time). I hope to work at Tableau after graduation, and so if software engineering position is closed to non-CS majors, I might look at other positions within Tableau down the road. Thank you for any advice!


      S. J.