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    Creating Calculated field filter and Top N rows

    Rupali Negi

      Hi All,

      I have a question based on filter condition. I have a list of URL's with sum of page views.So I have url's in my row and there sum of page views as column. Now I have to exclude few Url's based on a specific condition, for which I created calculated field and done so. Now as a result in below screenshot I have list of Url's with respective page views and excluding what I need. Here the problem arises. I want to have top 10 of these Url's. Now I want top 10 Url's out of this view.


      The problem I am facing is if I find top 10 Url's from the calculated field "Page URL Filter" it does not give top N row. If I filter original dimension Page URL decode it gives only 6 of them. I think because it is filtering on entire data and as my few URL's are excluded in calculated filed so it gives just six.


      How can I get the top N url's when I have used a calculated field filter on the same dimension as used in my row.


      Any help appreciated..!!