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    Allowing end users to 'edit/correct' categorical indicator variables?

    Christopher Neely

      I'm currently working on a market research dashboard that has a list of customers that have a binary flag, 0 for not a current customer/1 for a current customer.

      I'd like to allow the end user to update/make corrections via the dashboard and not have to edit the original data source. Anyone have ideas on how to accomplish this?

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          Joe Oppelt

          Tableau is not for updating data.


          Simple as that.

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            Satish Kikani

            yup you can not update data in db through Tableau.


            At max you can do is provide parameters for user to update the view of your dashboard as per selections / input by user.

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              Christopher Neely

              Right. I was fairly certain that I could not edit the data directly, but I wanted to use some sort of parameter control that gives the illusion editing the binary category.


              The way I envision it is... it would allow some user of the dashboard to answer the question "What is the impact of this potential customer being converted?"

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                Joe Oppelt

                As was mentioned before, you could create x-many parameters.  In the attached I have created a bogus sheet with 5 marks, and I have positioned 5 parameters (with some creative spacing and by stacking containers) so that the parameters scroll with the sheet.  (Actually, it's the whole dashboard that is scrolling.)


                (PS, don't click in the sheet yet.  I have something else to show you there.)


                This sort of thing can get messy, and if you have 100 marks, you'll need 100 parameters, and ... well, it can be done, but it'll be tedious.  And it's a hack to make Tableau look like it's doing something it's not really designed to do.


                Another hack would be to drive the user outside Tableau.  In the attached you'll see a big empty black box.  It's a Web Object.  With a web object you can do any URL and it will appear there.  And if you have a hyperlink action on a sheet with a web object on the dashboard, the URL action will execute there.  So I have a select action on the sheet, that just brings up Google for demonstration purposes.  Click on the sheet, and GOOGLE will appear in the black box.


                If you have some excel file hosted on a web page so that you can open it with a URL action, you could have that pop up in the Web Object.  Maybe (just maybe) you can hack up something wherein the user can do the user input there.  Now, I'm not sure how you will get the interactive connection between Excel and Tableau once the user finishes user input so that excel gets saved and Tableau gets updated -- and make sure that the order of cells in excel gets matched up correctly with the marks on your sheet, but at least you can play with that and try to hack up something that way.  Tableau DOES have a method to do immediate updates from excel.  Several threads discuss that.  It's a documented technique.  Maybe you can creatively position and size your excel cells and your tableau sheet and position them in a similar way that I positioned my parameters...


                Just throwing some ideas out there.  Hope you can leverage that.


                Attached workbook is 8.2.  This behavior will work in any version.

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                  Christopher Neely

                  Thanks for taking some time to brain storm this with me.


                  I probably have too many customers to make parameters for each one, but it's good to know that option is available.


                  I like the idea of connecting directly to a webpage via a dashboard to make changes, and I may use that for other projects in the future. However, for this one I might just give the user access to make edits directly to the datasource external to tableau.


                  Thanks again for the help!