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    Dashboard to worksheet/dashboard action


      Hello Tableau Community,


      Is there a way to make it so that a go-to action that on a click would take you from one dashboard to a view (or another dashboard) keep the item that you clicked and apply it on the target view, effectively serving as a filter?


      Here is a detailed scenario example:


      1) you have a dashboard that has the histogram viz of hours worked for a department. Each mark represents the sum total of all hours worked for a set of employees.


      2) clicking a will take you to a detail list of employees and their hours over the same months.  This would actually just be another view that is in the form of a text table.


      3) The desire is that when you click, for example, January on (1) and it takes you to (2) only January is visible.


      Is there a way to do this currently in Tableau?